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Where’s The Harm in Booking a London Escort?

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Well, the girlfriend or wife may disagree but lets be honest, if they behaved and treated us guys right it would never cross our mind to book a London escort – would it?

Her indoors – lovely when you met, all slim trim and certainly sexy. Hot for it every night, all that sexy underwear that you bought her, wearing at every occasion. Those lovely steak dinners, fetching you a beer and not minding when the football is on. But gradually, over time they change. the smallest things become an issue. What does it matter if your fucking socks are bdsm escortleft on the floor, does it really have life changing consequences? Why isn’t it ok to go for a pint after work when it was cool 20 years ago?

These things creep in and of course – we never change. just as much hair as when we met her, six pack intact, no problems. Might have forgotten the anniversary a couple of times but we have enough on our minds surely, feeding her and keeping her in wine and magazines…

So, when the allure of a sexy young lady offers itself – with none of the garbage and hassle associated with getting a shag at home, of course it appeals. Clean, fresh, young and sexy. No wooing, no back chat, no bullshit. What you see is what you get, and how refreshing too.

Her indoors wouldn’t be too pleased if she knew you had just spent 2 hours up one of London’s finest but, needs must. Clean your act up and respect the breadwinner again and maybe things will change. But until then the London call girl industry will thrive – its not just you thats at it. So relax, choose your lady and have some fun. And keep it to yourself!