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Where To Take An Escort

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In calls are great but when you book an outcall escort you have the freedom to take her anywhere, not just your hotel room – although that can come later if preferred. So where best to entertain a London escort?

London is a vibrant city full of pretty much every type of bar and restaurant available. Choosing somewhere to entertain your London escort should be pretty easy really. Do you ask in advance, decide when your call girl arrives, or do you dive in and make the decision for yourself? many of the profiles on escort agency websites give an indication of what the girl may prefer, or of course as you make your booking you can suggest that you fancy a dinner date and would like to know if your chosen lady has any preferences, or perhaps more importantly any dislikes.

Choice of London Restaurants

You can of course opt for the safe bistro / wine bar approach that offers a wide and varied menu for your escort to choose from. Probably safer than booking Vietnamese or Thai food and hoping that something will appeal. Also your destination depends on location and budget. Some punters prefer to spend all of their hard earned on the event itself but many others enjoy thelondon escorts company of a London call girl for the evening and are enchanted by the company and looks of a sexy young lady. Impress in somewhere like Langhans in Mayfair for example, and your companion will know you are something special. Soho has an abundance of high quality eateries at a variety of prices. One good idea may be to take your companion for  stroll and ask her to choose what she fancies from looking at restaurants and the menus Рthat way you cant really go wrong.

What To Talk About

Probably the ultimate turn off is sexual talk at the table – unless it is instigated by your companion. Ask her about her hobbies, her past, ask her what she likes and dislikes, even ask her about her choice in male friends, This way you will be showing interest, engaging her in conversation and she will love chattering away about herself. A great start. She may well ask about you and its up to you how much you say and how much of it may be the truth. But don’t over fabricate things – escorts are real people and will pretty quickly see through this and will lose respect for you pretty quickly.

Back to the Hotel?

You will know when its time to go back to your room. Perhaps a few drinks have loosened both parties, a light meal and a glass of champagne goes a long way towards establishing friendship and trust. Pay the bill, show her that you are leaving a little tip too then into a taxi and back to the privacy of your London hotel room where the fun may commence. At this stage you may want to read about not falling in love with your escort – have fun!