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Tips For Your Night With London Escorts

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A night with a London escort is amazing however, a night with an L’Escorts girl is certainly exhilarating. But with a simple mistake, you can ruin a perfect night that has been well planned for. We are going to shed some light on a few tips you can use to keep your date with a London escort perfect.

Be clean and neat
Have a shower before your appointment. Remember to trim toe and finger nails as well. Scratching a lady with ragged finger or toe nails can be an enormous turn off. The best tip is to prepare yourself as if you were having a date with someone whom you are pretty sure will give you sensual pleasure.
Shave or trim anything you’d expect a massage or a lick over is a great plus. This can also serve as a great sign to the escort that you want those areas catered for, even when you haven’t mentioned it. If you don’t trim, most will simply assume that you have no interest in those areas being serviced. Shaving or trimming should be done a day earlier before the date, just in case you inflict injury on your skin.

Be punctual
Don’t keep her waiting for you, instead arrive early at your agreed destination in London. As always, our escorts are punctual and will be ready at your meeting venue.

Know her restrictions
The first step for a perfect night with an escort is knowing her restrictions and respecting them. For instance, if she readily offers CBJ, don’t expect or ask for BBBJ. Regardless of what you might have read in reviews, it’s really great to respect what the escort can offer and what she can’t. Remember, a date with an escort is just like with any other woman. You risk offending her by asking for what is clearly not offered. So before meeting for the date, make a call to confirm all the services your escort is ready to offer.

Let it be known what you desire
Let the escort know what you want and how you’d like it. That doesn’t mean barking orders, but do it gently and in an appropriate manner. If you are not categorical about what you want, you may end up being disappointed. In the event that you don’t make it clear what you want and get disappointed, never leave a negative review. It isn’t her fault since she doesn’t read minds.

Arm your self
If you have an agreement with an escort that there will be sex, then remember to have carry your own pack of condoms. Even if there’s no agreement for sex, always have your condoms with you, just in case it gets to that.

Mention any allergies
If you have any allergies, let them be known to her. Most ladies like burning scented incense, candles, put on scented clothes or even keep pets. Some may even smoke. If you have any sort of allergy against any of these allergens, then let it be known to her before your appointment. Our escorts don’t want your date to turn out to be a miserable one.

Don’t pry
If an escort would like to have a conversation about her life, she’ll start it herself. But before she does that, don’t raise such a topic. If you’d like to speak about your private life, feel free to do so but do not expect a return of the same from her. Equally, if she starts to pry and you feel uncomfortable with it, turn the conversation into a different direction.

Respect the rates
Don’t mention that you are running short of funds for an expensive escort service, which you still expect to take place. Do not negotiate, instead choose from the wide range of escorts with accommodative prices meeting your budget.

We hope these tips will have you fixed for a night with our London escorts. If you’d like more clarification feel free to contact us and we’ll be pleased to help you.

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