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Smooth or Bush?

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Thats the big question these days – a smooth puss or a raging bush, or somewhere in between perhaps? Here’s our view..

So are you a furburger fan or prefer your girls to look how they looked when they first arrived, as smooth as porcelain with everything on show – no hiding places there! Its a fact that the 70’s pornstar look went out in the 80’s with the introduction of the Brazilian – a thin sexy strip that everyone thought was cutting edge and very risque back in those days. Since then the

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blades have invaded closer and closer to the fine line of difference until one day it was decided that much less is more – in fact nothing is better than even a dark sexy presence of bush. Which camp are you in, and how do you like your girls and London escorts – decorated or stripped?

The two camps have clear and defining arguments. Bush munchers claim they like their women to look like real women not young girls, and that its all natural and should be there. The smoothies always bang on about bad experiences with the odd invasive hair during oral sex – awww lifes tough isn’t it. Now we may not be fans of a g-string full of mature tarantula legs but a neat and tidy welcome mat has a certain appeal. Dark haired stunners with their little brillo pad offerings in their panties gives an extra dimension to what can sometimes be an overly neat and tidy appearance anticlimax – us guys want something to see after all.

Slipping your hand into a girls knickers to explore her holy of holies is one of the most exciting and anticipated events in a guys life. Whats it going to feel like, look like, smell like and taste like in there. Our lives can be made or shattered within a few seconds. The trend with escorts these days is to go with the masses and shave the lot off but there are still some bastions of femininity that know there are many guys that appreciate the fur in varying styles, Vive la Difference!