Gentleman’s Guide

A punters guide to escorting – here we have all that you will need to know about locating a London escort and making that booking. how do you get the best value from a London escort and what is expected from both sides, you the punter and your selected escort for your date.

A punters guide to escorting is not just a list of escorts available, it is designed to help punters to stay safe and to select the most appropriate escort for their requirements. The choice available is vast and the escort punter can be overwhelmed by the number of escorts. This is where some care is needed, as many escort agency websites are just out to rip people off and not deliver. We have all heard the stories of girls robbing their punters in their hotel rooms. Another big scam is to post escort photographs on their websites that are totally different to the escort that is booked and turns up. This happens more than people realise and just leads to disappointment and a loss of trust.These actions are not condoned and do not need to happen. A top class escort agency has reliable, discreet girls that have genuine website photographs – no airbrushing or blurring of faces.  The escort should certainly be discreet and not arrive i stilettos and stockings – certainly not blatantly visible anyway. She should know exactly where to meet you, for example if you have booked a London escort to come to your hotel room then she should walk through reception, take the lift to your floor and gently tap on your hotel room door. No drama and no attention – as discreet as she should be.

Punters Guide to Escorting – Etiquette

Payment should have been agreed in advance for services. Remember that booking an escort for her company is absolutely fine, as is a sensual sexy massage or perhaps a strip tease in your bedroom. Any other activities that happen between a punter and an escort are down to the two consenting adults. Having said that most escort websites clearly state services that each escort is interested in and of course, behind closed doors these can be discussed. To save any awkward moments the payment should be made as the escort arrives. Perhaps in an envelope on the table or directly into her hand. Either way do not be offended if your escort chooses to check the cash – after all you have jointly agreed a fee for her companionship. Needless to say – ensure that you are showered or bathed – as your escort will be. A little spray of aftershave doesn’t hurt either. Dress – well wear something relaxing and smart – it may be quite off-putting to the escort if you open the door in an inappropriate state of either dress or excitement – take it slowly and gently.

Once payment to your escort is out of the way then you can get to the nitty gritty of the reasons that you have booked a London escort. Maybe have a drink available or a bottle of something chilled to share and break the  ice. If your time is not too rushed then its a great way to get to know your escort and, importantly for her to get to know you also. If you have a laugh and joke, share a couple of interests then your time together will develop into much more fun.

Have some light background music on to set the mood, or perhaps have the tv in your hotel bedroom turned on, but choose the channel carefully, you don’t want to listen to the latest Government economic outlook while you are enjoying a sensual moment together. Choose a soft music station and turn the volume low. Switch off your mobile phone or turn to  silent. This will show your escort some respect and she will already have done the same.

Once your time together has come to a conclusion then it is time to be polite and respect the time you have had together by thanking your escort and letting her depart on time. Of course if you wanted more time with your escort then you can arrange this with her if she is available but ensure that you have the necessary cash for extending her company. Our punters guide to escorting is meant as a guide to etiquette and fun and how to get the very best from your encounter with no embarrassment or awkward moments. Follow these simple suggestions and you will have a cracking evening with your London escort.