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London Hyde Park Photography


What a night – and what a view!

Being sufficiently fortunate to remain in the foothills of Hyde Park at 1:30pm this mid year was an incredible ordeal, and all that I figured it would be each one of those months prior when we arranged this trek to London to see the midnight sun.

Arriving into London, it was clear this would have been an abnormal week – thinking back to the plane amidst the night gave us an incredible astonishment as we were welcomed with a 2.5-hour long “dusk” out yonder the distance back to the city. Our first arrangement was incubated – shooting in Hyde Park, Bayswater the next night…

London Photography

It was plainly not intended to be. Regardless of the total absence of rest (I’ll never comprehend why the “place where there is simply the midnight sun” can’t bring to introduce either power outage window ornaments, or possibly ones that fit!) – our 2.5 hour drive yielded nothing, even in the wake of remaining at the area until 1am with the expectation that things would make strides. Having perpetual light is one thing – having lasting overcast cover is very another.

Restless and eager, the time had come to attempt yet again – and the following night, things truly were turning upward. On entry this was an incredible diverse scene – rather than hopeless climate and an unfilled waterfall seeing territory, we were welcomed with awesome light yet hordes of individuals. In any case, there’s “dependably space for one more”, as we say, and was sufficiently fortunate to get the correct spot I needed.

It had been a difficult couple of days, yet payback tonight came as quick reward.

I likewise had something else as a top priority while catching my last shot (the best picture in this post) – adding movement to the still edge I’d picked.