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Breaking Out! My First City Escort – Part 4

Clarissa Max Angels

Clarissa Max Angels
Clarissa Maxes Angels London Escort

“Do you want to lick me?” she asked me. I looked down and saw that she was sitting with her clit fully visible now between her spread pussy lips. Looking up I nodded and she adjusted her position so that her fragrant pussy was over my face. I found her clit and sucked and licked for all I was worth. I was in heaven!
Next she snaked down me and took my cock in her mouth again. But only for a second. She straddled me and eased herself down onto my cock. She was wet and hot and I could feel I was about to cum. But Clarissa had other ideas.

She kept it slow and long and every stroke made me think I had died and gone to heaven. When I was just about ready to shoot, Clarissa took control again. She flipped herself over and offered me her arse. Personally I’ve had never tried that before but I took my cock and put it against the tight little opening. I pushed and she pushed back and before I knew it I was in. I had never felt anything so tight. It was amazing. But Clarissa had realised what it was that I really loved and a few moments later she moved away from me again and lay me down.

This time when she put her mouth around my cock I knew that we were going all the way. As I watched my hugely distended cock slide in and out of Clarissa’s mouth I could feel her cheeky little tongue playing around the head and driving me to the brink. She had both her hands at the base of my cock and I could feel myself banging against her throat. When I came I thought the top of my head was going to come off, and all thanks to my wonderful London callgirl, Clarissa.


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