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Breaking Out! My First City Escort – Part 1

Maxes Angels Escort

Heres how I came across my first London Escort. I bet there will be a few of you who can identify with my story. I have been married for more years than I care to remember and although we are still together, we lead separate lives. She reckons I snore so I have had my own room for years now. It’s an ideal arrangement; neither of us really wanted to leave so this way we could keep up a united front. One problem though – no sex. When I think back to our early days I have to wonder where it all went. Looking for a London Escort seemed like the only option. I suppose, as we get older the novelty wears off and I kind of thought she had lost interest in sex completely – that is until we had the builders around to do the extension.

London Escort Kate

She was up and dressed in something nice every morning, no more shuffling around in slippers and gown, fully made up and plying them with tea and biscuits. One of them, Darren I had to admit was a hunk, and she was all but drooling over him.

So it was just me then?

Not a good feeling. I am a man who likes a lot of sex and I’m not ready to hang up my libido quite yet.

The City Escort Agencies

I needed to do something and I found that there were hundreds of sites for London escorts – all those lovely girls with only one aim in mind – keeping me happy. It made my cock twitch even to think about it. To think that I could be in the arms of a beautiful woman doing whatever I wanted.

Booking Experience

The website I chose did not disappoint and I soon picked out a lovely brunette. Her name was Clarissa and she looked as though she had had a boob job. I love that look, firm full breasts, and Clarissa had lovely erect nipples visible through her skimpy top. I needed to look no further. She was the one! I poured over her profile information and saw that she offered CIM and OWO. Now oral is one of my favourites so it did not take long to convince me that I had found the right lady.

There had, by this time, been several disastrous forays into dating sites. The people I ended up making contact with never looked like their profile pictures and some of them made me very nervous, after all I needed to be discreet. Anyway, those experiences had made me realise that and finding escorts in London was going to be the best thing for me I did not want any complicated relationship, I just wanted some fun and some female company – and a fuck!

Final Call

My fingers were trembling as I dialled the London escort agency number ; my cock was by now standing to attention.

Before I could change my mind the lovely London call girl I had seen on the site was purring in my ear. Her voice was an enticing as her picture and I was instantly at ease! Well most of me was, one part of me was definitely not relaxed! I could barely wait to find out what was going to happen next. Make sure you keep an eye out for part two.