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Escorts Agency Dress Code

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When getting started with our london escorts agency, you need to have a proper code of conduct and appropriate dressing. It’s not like there’s a uniform to be worn when meeting an escort, but what you were does matter a lot.
Remember your escort date is more of a date with your intimate girlfriend. So, the better you are dressed for the occasion, the better for both of you. At our London Escorts agency, we don’t have a specific attire or code of dressing for clients. However, we have a simple guideline that can help you determine what to wear on your date. Basically, you need to consider these three factors: where you are meeting, how classy is the service and how much you are paying. But the most important is being yourself. That’s important for your confidence, which you’ll need!


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Be yourself!

There are quite a handful of reasons for you to dress just the way you normally dress. First of all, you are very comfortable when you are yourself. Have you ever tried to fake someone else? London escorts agency girls are exceptionally attractive and charming, so the more confident you are the better it will be for both of you. If you are just getting started, you’ll probably find yourself a little nervous in the company of a beautiful woman like our London escorts, so dressing just as you are used to can help boost your confidence.


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Where are you meeting?

Another important guide to dressing is considering the venue of your date. If meeting at a classy London hotel, simply dress the way the hoteliers recommend their guests to dress. After all, since your escort date is on professional basis, it should be fine to dress in suit pants and nicely polished and shined shoes. If meeting at your place, you may put on some khaki pants and fitting T-shirt and matching pair of shoes. Ensure that your belt complements your shoes.

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How classy is the escort service

Classy escort services demand that you dress in classy and fashionable clothing, though not a requirement. If the type of london escorts agency you are dealing with is a high class, you might want to put yourself in their shoes as well. If the service is a moderate one, you can dress however you like, but should be presentable and likeable.

How much are you paying?

When browsing the profiles of escorts on our london escort agency, you’ll notice that each escort has a different price from the others. A pricey escort definitely resolves to an elegant dressing code. That however doesn’t mean that you should dress cheaply if meeting with a less pricey escort. Be presentable regardless of how much the escort service costs you.


Generally, the default dressing code when meeting your escort date is business casual. You can put on khaki pants with short sleeved collared shirt. Do not put on a lot of accessories such as jewelry. After all, it will all come off and you don’t want to bother yourself too much about where you kept them. Dress in a manner that will let you focus more on your pleasure moments.