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Escorts Agencies – How To Choose

london escorts agencies

Where on earth would you start to differentiate between the multiple escort agencies that are prevalent in London? There are numerous questions that you would love to ask – if you knew that you were going to get a genuine response and thats a part of the problem. The London escorting business is perhaps not renowned for its honesty and straight talking, and you may well london escorts agenciesworry that things could go wrong if you chose the wrong agency. What constitutes ‘going wrong’ – well we hear stories of guys getting robbed, beaten up and all sorts but thankfully these events are now becoming more of a thing from the past.

We will consider a few London escorts agencies questions and answers later but for now lets consider what you may need to be on the lookout for.

The first place that most people will go to to find an escort for the evening is Google, more than likely from their iphone in a London hotel room. Having entered the search term he [or she] is rewarded with a myriad of entries all claiming to be the best/fastest/cheapest/most exciting of all the agencies in the City. Hmmm…are they all that good? One of the most obvious pointers towards credibility of an escort agency website has to be the quality of the site itself. Is it a cheap thrown together piece of junk made by a geek in a bedroom, or has it some quality and style inherent in a project that has required time and investment. Good starting point.

Next a look at the girls in the escort gallery, ¬†thats always a good indication too. Fuzzy generic out of date pictures that look like a throwback to the 80’s are really not going to fill you with confidence that you are going on a date with a high class London lady are they? Reviews help too, if you can see what look like genuine reviews of the escorts and the associated dates of those reviews – do they look and read as genuine?

 Escorts Agencies РHow To Choose

The next stage to establish the credibility of London escorts agencies is of course to give them a call. Who answers and how quickly? Do they have a few girls immediately available or do they try to force their choice of escort onto you? Are they asking about times. locations and how long you want to spend with your lady?

As already suggested, the days of rip off agencies are pretty much over. If you are blind drunk and not the ideal host then of course your escort may not be too impressed. If you don’t show up for your out call appointment then yes you can expect a non too pleasant call back, but selecting the right agency using common sense should stand you in good stead.