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One of the more popular  escort related search terms, people do ‘Google’ the search term ‘cheap escorts ‘. We know of course what they are aiming to find – a high class lady that looks a million dollars, has the charisma and personality of someone they would marry yet is the naughtiest thing that they have ever come across – perhaps literally. So the word cheap probably hampers the chances of finding this dream call girl quite significantly.

Of course, cheap is also relative. What is cheap? Good value perhaps? If you start by considering the value of one hour of someones time. For sure a factory worker may not have the earning potential per hour of a city financier, Doctor or footballer, so what value do you put on someone who is blessed with the above attributes of beauty, style etc? Then what will that person be doing for an hour? For certain the punter is, in his opinion the nicest guy she could ever wish to meet. Sophisticated, good looking, wealthy – all these other things that we consider ourselves to be. But to meet so many fabulous guys in a working week – well, they cant all be that high calibre.

Then she has to get to you – travelling through London to your hotel room. Upon making the punters acquaintance she then has to weigh you up, small talk then whatever else may follow. Think for a second what price would you put on this service if you were delivering it day in day out?

There are  escorts charging all sorts of prices. High class  escorts may charge a couple of thousand pounds a day for their company – heady stuff. Then there are local escorts who are new to the job who may be just over £100 per hour for their services. Then there are the self promoted cheap escorts  – hmmm… What is the real difference? Much of it is personal taste, what you look for in an escort, and a lot is chemistry between you both that may or may not exist regardless of how much she is being paid.

Renowned cheap escorts can often be that in many senses of the word, and of course you potentially run many risks that we don;t need to go into great detail about here – use your imagination. Using a reputable  escort agency has many benefits, reliability – your girl will turn up at the agreed time. Discretion – your girl will not come screaming through hotel reception in her underwear smoking something undesirable shouting for Mr Smith – he’s booked me for an hour where is he?

Choose a classy, sophisticated lady such as teen Bayswater escort Sabrina and you can’t go far wrong in our view. Better paying a tiny bit more and getting quality than wasting your money on a bad experience? Cheap escorts  are available for sure – but think twice before potentially wasting your time and money.