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Are Redheads Fiery?


Well theres a question – one one which many guys have an automatic answer to, although much of the time purely based on here-say rather than experience. Ok, we all know or have met a redhead, and perhaps some of these have had fiery tendencies. Did it start red head escortwith legends such as Boudicca many many years ago, or perhaps the likes of Nicole Kidman?

There can be a massive appeal from a redhead, often with striking looks and that shock of hair – lets not use the G****R word please guys, nor should we visit freckles and the like. ┬áLets stick with the fiery attitude idea and what’s the appeal?

Possibly redheads conjure up thoughts of BDSM and a certain level of control. many guys when let off the leash like a little domination and a sharp sexy redhead may be just the girl to unleash the whips and chains for your pleasure? Was it the Union Jack dress of the infamous Spice Girls that got hearts racing for the reds – note we are avoiding the G****R Spice reference – makes you think of Ed Sheeran that word – not the most sexually arousing of images to be pondering on a site like this…


Lets go with the likes of Emma Stone, julianne Moore and even Scarlett Johansson had her moments. Should the carpet match the drapes? The jury is well out still on bright red pussy. Some red heads have a cute little flash of the sweetest red bush, but discovering something down there that looks like it has been whipped with barbed wire isn’t the choice of everyone.

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